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Luxury bathroom accessories can make your bathroom extra special

The luxury bathroom has often had the bath, shower or whirlpool tub as its centerpiece, having been designed to focus on a spectacular freestanding bath or a spa like shower enclosure which acted as the room's eye-candy. But all fashions change, and the trend for bathroom design this year is to create a sumptuous whole, a space that is elegant and functional but which is also a joy to live in, just like any other room in the house would be. This means paying attention to all the little details, not just the big showpieces; this might sound expensive but a little planning and clever styling can pull off bathroom transformations with budgets in mind.

It all really comes down to the bathroom accessories; those necessary but often overlooked pieces are great for making the everyday usage of your bathroom more convenient and now they are becoming the center of attention for designers too.
An example of this can be seen in the work of designer Elisa Giovannoni who wanted to elevate the humdrum styles of heated towel rails above the standard barred chrome wall fittings so often found within luxury hotel bathrooms. Instead, she created the 'Scaletta' for home and hotel luxury bathrooms alike. It is a heated towel rail in the shape of a wide ladder attached to a wall; not only does this luxury bathroom accessory come in a huge variety of colors to add to its stylish appeal, it's also so much more functional than the standard smaller towel rails.

Such designer touches can be seen in many of the luxury bathroom accessories available, from carefully sculpted bathrobe hangers to fitted waterproof TVs with splash-proof remotes, as well as in many of the designs that build accessories into the larger bathroom furniture. For instance, if you really want to save all the effort of having to purchase loads of different shower accessories and fitting or arranging them just so, then why not install a shower enclosure in the first place with all the main accessories pre-fitted; the largest even come with their own sauna-style benches and built-in sound systems! All that's left for you to do then is to arrange the dispenser bottles, and not even these escape the designer's eye with a huge variety of styles and sets available to match up with the decor of your bath or shower room.

Bathroom vanities show off that designer chic

For a real touch of luxury a knockout bathroom vanity is not just the best place to store many of your beautifully styled accessories, it itself can be your bathroom's greatest accessory; never mind the whirlpool tub or bathtub, the right bathroom vanity can be a showpiece by itself. Whether you fancy wood, metal or glass, a stunning bathroom vanity, available from retailers like eBathrooms, allows you to match up its style with the designs of the various bathroom accessories and toiletries that are going to be stored in it or put on display on top of it.

Of course, if you are introducing a new and exciting sink vanity into an existing bathroom, unless you are going for a complete revamp it is always important to consider the existing style of any other bathroom cabinets already in place to match everything up. But if you're starting from scratch then there is a whole range of styles available to you; particularly popular this year is the wonderfully American all-white Shaker style of cabinets which are being revitalized not just as cabinets, but also as bathroom vanities with tops. It is the detail in these little finishing touches that really make a bathroom stand out and these can be elegantly achieved when transforming any bathroom.